Well, more about what the author’s written; fiction that is. I came late to novels and now, nudging into my mid-seventies, I’ve completed four. The first three had all the signs of a series; two main characters, both pilots, in a succession of world war two settings. They seemed set to move through various campaigns, from the fall of France to the fall of Hitler. Then in 2009 a fellow named Guv Sutro appeared from nowhere, leaping onto the blank page as suddenly as the Demon King in a pantomime. He was fully formed and clearly had some plot in mind.

Frank Barnard, Author and Classic Car Racing Enthusiast

Soon I felt more reporter than novelist, required to record his various adventures (or misadventures), often wincing in the process, tracking his progress from the early days of flying, to the Western Front in the Great War with the RFC, to record-breaking in the 1920s and ‘30s, a ruthless and rackety career that ends…well, you won’t expect me to give that away. But I spent two years in his company, not always a pleasant experience. My copy editor at Headline Review summed him up neatly as ‘ an A1 villain.’ And soon he will be in the public arena, March for the hardcover edition, July for the paperback. It is predicted that A Time For Heroes (originally High And Over) will reach a wide audience in the UK and internationally. We shall see…

And next? Perhaps Kit Curtis and Ossie Wolf will climb into their fighters once again, ready to attack Pantalleria, ahead of the invasion of Sicily.

Meanwhile, a chance for a breather from writing with all the fun of being involved in the marketing of A Time For Heroes. And thinking of other things. Like learning how to speak French properly, embarking on flying lessons, taking up fly-fishing, renting drives in racing cars, or crewing on  cross-Channel yacht races. Or relaxing with tea-and-biscuits watching
Bargain Hunt. Now that’s a toughie…
Footnote: Perhaps I should add that with more time available I am very happy to consider speaking engagements at festivals, meeting reading groups or running workshops on writing skills.
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