Will the real Frank Barnard please stand up?

The Barnard family doesn’t seem to have been blessed with an abundance of imagination when it comes to naming male offspring. My grandfather was Frank Barnard, my father is Frank Barnard and, well, you get the picture. In the past this has led to a certain confusion, notably when Dad wrote irate letters to MPs and the press demanding the return of the death penalty, the compulsory registration of dogs, withdrawal from the EEC and other contentious matters. Friends would ‘phone up asking if I’d gone mad…
Band Of EaglesBand of EaglesThe most recent example of what can happen came last week at the care home where my father now resides. One of the other residents is an ex-RAF man, Keith, and as Dad had a couple of my novels in his bookshelf I thought Keith might like a copy of Band Of Eagles as it deals with Malta, where he served during the war.
When I presented it to him he tapped the name on the cover, in rather large type it must be admitted, and said: ‘So your father wrote this, did he?’ ‘Uh, no, I did actually.’ He didn’t hear me, however, and turned to my photograph inside the dust-jacket. ‘ You look just like him,’ he said. ’ An amazing resemblance.’

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  1. 1 david weston

    Dear Frank Barnard
    Just a quick note to say how much I am enjoying TO PLAY A FOX, one of the best books I’ve read in quite a while. I am definitely going to read the other two. PLeased to see my old friend Julian Fellowes liked it as well.
    best wishes
    David Weston

  2. 2 Keith Shaw

    I have raed all three of your books, and found them outstanding.
    When will we see number four?

  3. 3 John Davies

    I’m going to read your other books when I can get them. Am reading “Blue Man Falling” for the third time. Thoroughly enjoyable.

  4. 4 Frank

    Blue Man fan
    Good to hear from John Davies who writes:
    ‘ I’m going to read your other books when I can get them. Am reading Blue Man Falling for the third time. Thoroughly enjoyable. Congratulations.’
    Thanks John, and I hope you find the others in the series equally entertaining…

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